This was posted two years ago, and only now is any “justice” being considered in our Utah courts. Racism and white supremacy has been being experienced by Alta High Students for years and as the comments to this blog are evidence of, white supremacy shows no sign of stopping. “Rawhide” is a white supremist organization in Utah, it is the evidence of racism, the youth perpetuating the cycle, the youth that are so “progressive” and liberal.


I am currently a junior at Alta High School. I’m bi-racial. I have been attending Alta High School since the fall of 2010. I have experienced several occurrences of racism since then but it was the usual ignorant rants that mindless people say.
On March 17, 2011 @ approximately 9:00am the school was gathering for our annual spirit bowl. I woke up excited because the first spirit bowl I attended was fun but this time I was going to actually participate.
While walking across the gym floor to find a seat, a student wearing a white hood with holes for eyes was jumping around. When his friends saw that I had noticed they began pointing and laughing. I immediately demanded that he remove the hood. He then approached me and began dancing in my face and taunting me. I snatch the hood and threw it behind me and his crowd…

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