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PLEASE NOTE:  The lack of updates to this blog is not for lack of interest. I spend most of my time posting on my facebook group, which is aimed towards white people: https://www.facebook.com/groups/464371160296786/


The way we approach racism i n our society is often to ask the victim of the crime why the crimehappened. It is not the job of the victim to educate or examine the crime, it is the job of the perpetrator of the crime to evaluate themselves.

Why are the books we’re studying in higher education not asking the question: “Why are us as a race, white people, so racist? Why have we systematically oppressed more racial groups than any other racial group has in the world? Why do we psychologically think we are superior? What can we do to stop our own racist thinking?”

We must find the answers to this question, and in a liberating environment where he discuss racism and educate free of charge. This sort of knowledge needs to be free, because it is the only way to stop the suffering that systematic racial discrimination is causing.

Thus the ultimate goal of this group is to begin to build a community of whites who actively seek out and question their whiteness. What undeserved privileges does being white give us? How do we on a day by day basis cultivate our racist society, and what things can we do as undeserving priviledged individuals to level the playing field and eradicate white racism once and for all? As the oppressors we must as ourselves these questions and have these discussions.

My name is Ruby Hofeling and I’m a 20 year old college student. This blog is dedicated to my observations as a European Afrocentrist and also of a white person of privilege. Among my goals is to confront white privilege and what whites as a race can do to confront and curb the racism that ripples our entire culture.

Here is a book reading list/radio/podcast source for those who would like to know more about where my ideologies originated. Sometimes it’s better to get information straight from the source:

Lectures and podcasts by Booker T. Coleman, who I admire greatly in his pursuits of improving education by teaching. Here is a link to his excellent study guide for Afrocentrist learners.

Molefi Asante, specifically his books, “Erasing Racism” and “African American History: A journey of Liberation”

Booker T. Washington, and his book, “Up From Slavery”

George G. M. James and his book, “Stolen Legacy”

Destroy N Rebuild Radio (podcasts can be found on itunes)

I hope that my blog is helpful and thought provoking. Although I do appreciate criticism and feedback, I will not argue in the comments about the afrocentric history and validity, nor about whether racism or white privilege exists. Racism exists and is a sick disease in our world that has been perpetuated by the white race for centuries. As Booker T. Washington says,


I refuse to fight a pointless battle. If you read my blog and would like to challenge my work, be open to learning and reading and I will treat you with the same respect. I cannot teach an unwilling mind and refuse to engage in the unwilling mind.


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